Photo Log: Making Ice Cream!

Tonight some of us made an excuse to get together and make a delicious mess.​ In attendance: Rami and Julian, Ashley and Cory and myself.

First, a rainy walk to the grocery store for supplies.​

We used up last summer’s canning project of blackberry jam by folding it into some tiny hand pies.


And made four flavors of ice cream with this astoundingly simple Ziploc method; mittens are not a requirement, but definitely suggested.wpid-p1050354-3ge3tjafqywb.jpg


Favorite ice cream flavors included blackberry (again using the jam) and green tea (yum yum!). The Black Butte Porter ice cream was a truly brilliant idea that only failed from lack of courage (we did not put in enough beer). Finally, a word to the wise, NEVER make pickled ginger ice cream; It is not a good idea, regardless of your sense of adventure.​

Between the pastries, the ice cream, the beer, and yes I admit it, the freezer pizza, most of us felt pretty belly-heavy by the end of the evening.

Most of us… not all. :)​
Bon Soir!


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